Anja’s Books

Anja extends her lifetime of learning into a series of books. These publications inspire personal insight through a fusion of language, aesthetics and nature.

For a personally signed copy please email us and tell us your preferred title and the name of the person you would like Anja to dedicate her signing to. We can mail the book to you, please call us to arrange payment and full address details. Remember you are always welcome to pop in and collect your book in person from our store.

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Persona Botanica

Persona Botanica – know your flower know yourself
Full colour- coffee table book $34.90

Persona botanica explores the theory that every person fits the bunch just like their favourite flower. When people use flowers and floral arrangements as a mirror, valuable lessons can be learnt. A bunch of blooms just like a bunch of people.

All Nature's joyful answers - Anja Van Goor-Seebus

All Nature’s Joyful Answers
Soft cover $19.95

All Nature’s Joyful Answers illustrates how easy it is to recover the ‘lost skill’ of reflecting in nature. It shows the essence of each flower through its name.

Word Lexigraphy - Anja Van Goor-Seebus

Word Lexigraphy
Soft cover $19.95

Word lexigraphy is the art of defining words with a system of writing in which each character represents a word. This book illustrates the easy way to recover the ‘lost skill’ of reflecting in our language naturally. The book can help to increase the conscious understanding of the essence and power of each word.

Word Lexigraphy - Anja Seebus

Word Lexigraphy – One hundred words to kill your cactus
Soft cover $27.00

Every word you speak contains an answer—you just need to know where to look for it.
That’s where lexigraphy comes in, which is the art of defining the essence of words. It revolves around using the letters of each word to define its true meaning, and it can be a powerful tool in developing positive communication skills.
Discover the meanings behind a hundred words with lexigraphy, which can be a tool in overcoming negative thoughts to pursue life with confidence and purpose.