Our philosophy

“nature can live without us, but can we live without nature?”

“Nature can live without people, can people live without nature” is a question we ask our customers on a daily basis. We all know the answer, the earth underpins our existence.

At Flowers of the world we recognise that flowers are not a luxury, but a necessity. Flowers are Food for the Soul. Flowers are what keep us connected with the earth.

Flowers of the World began in Australia as a small establishment in 1984. The business has now flourished into a successful florist with the aim to touch the lives of many through the message of sustainability, fair-trade and organic natural living.

To fulfil our philosophy and mission we choose to apply sustainable practices, by only buying locally produced seasonal flowers, avoiding imported flowers and choosing to minimise the use of plastic foam.

Every action we take is aimed to give customers a sense of wellbeing. Entering the Flowers of the World store immediately provokes a feeling of tranquility.

We realise we can’t change the world but we can live the change. Through our actions we hope to inspire people to make lifestyle choices that are more in balance with the earth and consequently less stress for us all.

The business works with local suppliers to source seasonal flowers and produce. We encourage growers to reduce the use of chemicals and along with customer demand, it is hoped that in future, we can access more chemical-free flowers.

We not only provide all your floral services, but our mission is to raise a greater awareness about the need for a better balance with nature.

Visit the Flowers of the world bunch to experience our tranquil space where we practice floristry nature’s way.